Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Steam Crab

This is a little something for a story I'm working on, enjoy!


  1. Hello!

    I found your blog via your post on my thread about my new website (character cube) thanks for the feedback.

    And wow! I love your work, its very inspiring stuff.

    Do you mind me asking you about your job and how you went about getting into your position? Did you consciously choose concept work or did you fall into it?

    Ill be back for more of your lovely work!

  2. Thanks Ken, your work is nice as well! I work on concepts for theme park attractions. Actually I had an interview with Disney after I graduated from

  3. This. Is. AWESOME!!!!! I am a HUGE fan of hermit crabs! (based an animated short on them actually! See it here: www.silverskyestudio.animationblogspot.com) I LOVE the steam-punk style to this one! And you obviously have a great mind for technical things, the way you translated the crabs joints into mechanical pivots and such ... something I am intimidated by for sure!

    Gotta check out the rest of your work now!! ^_^

  4. Thanks a lot Trisha! I appreciate the kind comments. I wasn't able to bring up your animated short though?